The Charter



In the context of the development of suborbital space flights and of the growing competition in this sector, we need strong values, high self-esteem and high moral standards. For these reasons, the Astronaute Club Europeen (ACE) wanted to define a Charter in order to federate all the participants (collaborators and students) of the "Student Aerospace Challenge" around the same values.

This Charter is a collective commitment and will be really meaningful if every single participant follow it.


Human qualities

The development of the "Student Aerospace Challenge" relies on the quality and the implication of the participants. That is why the managers of the Challenge want to maintain direct human relationships in order to :

We rely on the loyalty of the participants to avoid any degradation of the image of the VSH project supported by the ACE and we trust them to stay away from any rival initiative.


Protection of the VSH project

Each participant must ensure that no illegal use of the Student Aerospace Challenge is made and must take the necessary actions to respect this objective.

While working for the Challenge, each participant may be brought to hold or use a certain amount of confidential information. In this event, he must act carefully with discretion and loyalty in order to avoid any illegal use or diffusion.

In a general way, any conflict of interests between participants and partners - and in particular the ACE which leads the project - must be avoided.

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