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The Astronaute Club Européen (ACE) is an association which was created on December 3rd, 2005 and located in Paris (Aéroclub de France,
Paris 16).

The founding members are :

Several personalities from aerospace sector joined ACE to support the association and bring their expertise (European astronauts, industrials, etc.).

ACE aims to promote a more proactive participation of the general public to the rapid growth of private human spaceflights. This is the reason why, ACE is committing to encourage all initiatives to develop suborbital and orbital activities aiming to fly private space explorers.

Since its creation, ACE has already participated to :


The reasons to promote the Student Aerospace Challenge :

In the goal to promote private human spaceflights, the ACE whishes to attract talented students towards this subject. The Challenge provides a wonderful occasion to gather students coming from very different environment around the ACE projects and to show them the challenges of this new aerospace sector.



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