WP2 - Promotion / Communication


The first step of the study consists in choosing the vehicle you will work on: either vehicle 1 for local suborbital flights, or vehicle 2 for high-speed long-range suborbital transportation

You will address one of the following topics:

  1. Promotion of the project during all phases:
    • to attract investors (upstream and start phases of the project),
    • to valorise the production on the market, particularly for a strong digital market,
    • strategy towards competitors.
  2. or

  3. Proposal of a crisis communication plan to be ready for delivering unpleasant news, during commercial exploitation. This plan will enable, in case of downgraded flight or destruction of vehicle (with or without casualties) to bring, towards different stakeholders (such as operator, user, policy maker) all explanations and bring necessary adjustments to reduce as much as possible societal, industrial and economic implications in an acceptable ethical framework. As much as possible, please refer to actual cases
  4. or

  5. Proposal of a communication plan on "Sustainable environment and suborbital flight" for social and societal acceptance of this market. You will specially study necessary actions securing broad ownership of residents living close to spaceports.


Caracteristiques_vehiculeGeneral characteristics for the reference vehicles:
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