WP7 – Market analysis


Passengers, as final users of the service, will be the real customers of suborbital business. Commercial health of projects will closely depend on their business model.

You will address one of the following topics:

  1. After choosing the vehicle you will work on: either vehicle 1 for local suborbital flights, or vehicle 2 for high-speed long-range suborbital transportation:

    • You will perform a market study (qualitative and quantitative assessments), which leads to market objectives. You will then define the business model (=the business engine to implement to reach these objectives). The model will at least take into account typology of customers and related expectations, nature of operating costs, nature of all risks to be covered and other classic elements of a business model. You need to clarify all the assumptions underlying your business model, and justify the robustness of those assumptions.

    • You will then study a test: you will freeze assumptions related to number of flights, operational capabilities (number of passengers, time beween two flights, fleet size) costs (Non Recurring Costs amortization, operational costs, vehicle and infrasructure fixed costs, other charges). You will propose a ticket price.


  2. Analyse the market for military use of suborbital vehicles (transport of personnel, freight or weapons ...), the vehicle being either type 1 for local flights or type 2 for high-speed long-range transportation.

  3. Or

  4. Analyse the Asian market for local and intercontinental suborbital flights through three countries: China, South Korea and Japan.


Caracteristiques_vehiculeGeneral characteristics of reference vehicles:
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