WP8 – Structure suited to suborbital flight

vehra sh amnag

Conceive and predefine a suborbital vehicle, by studying structural aspects. Safety has to be taken into account.


You will address one of the following topics:

  1. Study of the general design of the vehicle and the position of main sub-systems in the type 2 vehicle (for high-speed long-range transportation) and their interfaces with the structure of the suborbital vehicle.

  2. or

  3. Weight is the ennemy of suborbital vehicle. You are asked to design the lightest possible vehicle by using the most advanced materials and ways of implementation, including the less mature ones and even those are only studied in laboratories. Innovative concepts for structural elements, for interfacing with heavy equipment or mechanism for purpose of mass optimisation can be proposed. The vehicle shall nevertheless remain both technically and economically globally realistic when related to the technological maturity of the choices (no science fiction!),
  4. or

  5. Imagine structures which optimise passengers' protection against radiations.

Caracteristiques_vehiculeGeneral characteristics of reference vehicles:
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