WP - Overview


How does it work ?

In order to provide you with a clear working basis while giving you large amplitude in your choices, we decided to adopt a work principle based on annual work packages (WP).

For the 15th exercise,two types of suborbital vehicles are proposed:

Some of the proposed Work Packages (WPs) will only be applicable for one type of vehicle. For other WPs, You first will have to select the vehicle family you want to work on.

Work Packages are dealing with different aspects of an aerospace programme. Information about the project and a list of subjects that can be approached are given.

Whatever the WP, the study has to show that the proposed solution is economically viable and environnemental friendly. These two points will be part of evaluation criteria of final reports. As a matter of fact, these subjects are becoming more and more important in aerospace projects.


Proposed topics for 2021/2022 are :

You will justify the choice of your WP when you register, by explaining its consistency with your academic cursus, experience and motivations of members of the team.

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