WP3 – Reusable Propulsion

WP3 - Propulsion

The study will consider either a standalone MSV (Manned Suborbital Vehicle) or an airborne one, the carrier being an existing airplane. Conceive and predefine a suborbital vehicle by studying mainly propulsion aspects.


Address one of the following topics:

  1. Use of an existing engine or accommodation (by changing propellants, changing operating point …) of an existing engine to the needs of the manned suborbital vehicle. Maintenance constraints linked to reusability will be identified and addressed,

  2. For an airborne vehicle, define an air breathing propulsion in order to ease the final phase of the return trajectory,

  3. Integration of the propulsion system to the vehicle:
    • Management of liquid propellants, consequences on the suborbital vehicle and on the ground operations, taking into account specific constraints related to the vehicle (commercial use or leisure activities),
    • Systems associated to primary propulsion (thrust frame, start-up/shut down, pressurization, equipment for control, ...),
    • System integrating other types of propulsion necessary for the mission, such as attitude control - nozzles to control roll, pitch and yaw - and/or the propulsion for the carrier aircraft. Study how to mutualise components, equipment, propellants and pressurization system of the different types of propulsion (Refer to previous works related to attitude control or design).


Caracteristiques_generales-DefiGeneral characteristics of reference vehicles:
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