WP8 - Legal frame and environmental rules


The goal of this work package is:

  1. to analyse the current legal and regulatory frameworks, both at international and national levels, that might play a role in the development and operation of your proposed suborbital vehicle. It includes the identification of open questions and possible gaps in those frameworks,
  2. to look in particular into regulatory constraints from an environmental perspective for the exploitation of your proposed suborbital vehicle including aspects such as environmental requirements for the operation of a spaceport, the perturbation of ecosystems, (cross-border) atmospheric pollution, chemical hazards, noise, etc.

The outcome of the work package shall:

  1. highlight legal issues of a general nature to be considered in the context of your project, using examples,
  2. show to what extend suborbital vehicles are already subject to laws and to what extend new regulation may be required.


Caracteristiques_generales-DefiGeneral characteristics of reference vehicles:
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