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OrbitClean Project: Cleaning Low Earth Orbit aerospace


(WP11 – Applications)


Université de Technologie de Troyes

The aim of the project is to de-orbit debris

located in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO). In

this study, the focused debris is the French

Satellite Astérix A-1 assimilated to an

Aluminium sphere of 58 cm diameter and

42 kg.

As soon as the VSH reaches 100 km

(maximum of its trajectory), the module will

be ejected. A thruster with a hybrid motor

will take over to position OrbitClean on the

debris trajectory.

An electrodynamic tether (a system using

the magnetic field of the Earth to slowly

decrease the kinetic energy of the module)

will be attached on the main module. It will

help to maintain the module on the right

orbit until it comes into contact with the

debris. This tether will be used to de-orbit

the main module OrbitClean as soon as

one considers the mission completed.

Another electrodynamic tether will be fixed

on the debris with an adhesive system.

This auxiliary module will serve to de-orbit

the debris when it will be set up. Without

any external parameters, the debris will be

de-orbited in more than hundred years but

with this technique, the study shows that it

would be possible to do so in less than a


The treatment of the debris was

investigated as well in order to choose

properly the right material for the module

OrbitClean. Indeed, it would be appreciable

to have a system that can be used again

when its mission is completed. As a result,

the module must not be damaged during its

atmosphere re-entry. Regarding the debris,

the study has shown it will be destroyed

during this process, it cannot be recycled.

This project would allow to reduce the

number of space debris around the Earth

to diminish the possible collisions between

space systems. As an original idea, we

mentioned the possibility to load cameras

in our module to relay the module

launching and the approach of the debris.

The passengers would have the

opportunity to see the OrbitClean project in

work during their tourist fly.