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Study of a boarding system for the MSV

(WP1 - Concept and Predefinition of MSV)

Bastien D


- Marine M


- Pierre V


ISAE, formation ENSICA, Toulouse

Bringing people out of the atmosphere into

space, making them discover the scenery

that only astronauts could admire up to now,

the scenery that we can only see through

pictures; such is the aim behind the

conception of the Manned Suborbital

Vehicle (MSV).

But then, how should we enable the clients

to get into the MSV, and thus begin their

extraordinary experience? How should such

a wondrous journey end?

The E


team wished to propose

a system for the boarding and disembarking

of the passengers of the MSV. Two choices,

made during the preliminary thinking phase,

were determinant factors for the project.

First, the studied system would be

integrated in the structure of the MSV.

Second, the said structure would be based

on the work done by the 2014 Azim’UTBM


For security matters, especially during the

flight phase where passengers experience

weightlessness, the stairs, which are

included in the MSV door, could not remain

as they were. The sought solution was to

articulate the steps. The door would then

present a flat surface once closed, instead

of a reverse stairway.

Moreover, in order to gain mass, the chosen

final design of the steps was a slim

aluminum slab strengthened with stiffeners.

Lastly, it was determined that the most

appropriate sort of stairs would be

alternating tread stairs. This form has the

advantage of being a lot more comfortable

to use when the slope is steep, which is the

case with the MSV: the slope of the stairs is

about 51°. The reason behind this ease of

use is the greater tread depth which is

permitted by this configuration, for the same

rise height. As such, this stairway would not

diminish the magic of the experience, and it

would even add an original touch to it.