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Study and predefinition of a space tourism solution

(WP1 - Concept and Predefinition of MSV)

Amaury AWES-CHEYNIS - Alexis DUHEM - Alix LEROY - Florentin MANNEVYTASSY -

Alexandre MILLOT

ESTIA – Bidart

For our second participation to the Student

Aerospace Challenge, we wanted to focus

on the environment of the Manned Spatial

Vehicle i.e. the MSV itself, the carrier

aircraft and how the MSV interacts with the

different players. We have established a

detailed specification sheet, a CAD model

as well as all the fluidic and structural

calculations required to establish the

trajectory of the MSV.

We have determined the required

modification to an existing airframe in order

to obtain a suitable solution in correlation

with the specifications.

And finally we have conducted a study on

composite materials that have suitable

properties for the heat shield of the MSV

while reentering the earth atmosphere. We

have explored a solution for the reentry

allowing us to be in ideal flight conditions

both in a supersonic state while climbing

and in the subsonic state when gliding back

to the ground and that also guaranties the

safety of the persons on board. This

solution inspired from the X38 allows to

perfectly control the trajectory thanks to a

parafoil type parachute measuring 1200 m



Our solution uses an Airbus A340-500 as

carrier aircraft in order to bring the MSV to

an altitude of 11 km from which it will use a

LOX/RP1 (Liquid oxygen/kerosene) engine

in order to cross the boundary of space i.e.

100 km after a 50 seconds burn.

Finally the MSV will glide down and land

using parachutes. This flight will be about

an hour long including the time required for

the carrier aircraft to climb to the separation